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Volatility Views

Volatility Views is the premier radio program for volatility traders. From interviews with leading industry guests to detailed analysis of volatility products, this program takes you inside the world of volatility trading like never before. If you are an experienced options trader looking to expand your understanding of volatility, or if you are simply curious about VIX and other volatility products, then this is the program for you.

Jul 3, 2017

Volatility Review: A look back at the week from a volatility perspective

  • VIX Cash - 11.44, VVIX: 93.78
  • CBOE Skew Index - 129m, slightly calmer than last week.
  • VIX Futures - Front month: 0.65 Second month: 1.25

Russell's Weekly Rundown:

  • VIX Options: Mon - 630k, Tues - 724k, Weds - 510k, Thurs - 1.16M, ADV - 685K, Total 8.32m (6.68m Calls, 1.65m Puts)
  • VIX Call/Put: 4.1 / 1
  • OIV - 29.35
  • OVX - 30.46

Volatility Voice Mail: Options Question of the week

Let's get back to basics. #Options are great way to get long (bullish) exposure to stocks & futures. What is your favorite way to go long?

  • 50% - Long Call/Call Spread
  • 23% - Short Put/Put Spread
  • 13% - Stock(Future) Replacement
  • 14% - Bullish Risk Reversal

Listener Questions: What's on your mind?

  • Question from John Shippen -If I buy ATM premium, maybe an ATM iron condor, a few weeks before earnings then sell it the day before the announcement, is that a good play? Essentially free decay plus capture the rise in volatility along with any swings in the underlying.
  • Question from FContangotrader -Do you guys have an idea when $VXX $UVXY will do reverse split? I am asking for a friend of mine.
  • Comment from David Kotlyar -UVXY reverse split July 17th
  • Question from SvxyBug -Mark, Mark, and Russell, Thanks for a great show. Two questions for you. If SVXY somehow goes the way of TVIX, would you imagine that XIV would go with it or is it managed independently of SVXY? Second question. Is using the call put ratio on VIX much of a leading indicator on the price movement of VIX? If so, do you normally see lead times in seconds, minutes, hours, days, or no lead time at all? Thanks very much for the show.

Crystal Ball: Your prognostication headquarters

Last week:

  • Mark L. - 9.70
  • Mark S. - 10.05
  • Russell - 9.25

This week:

  • Mark L. - 9.85
  • Mark S. - 10.05
  • Russell - 10.23